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Your Journey to a healthier Lifestyle.

We farm our own Free Range Chicken and source other products from farmers in our area. Supplying healthier options to you and your family.

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What makes our Free-range Chicken different?

We slowly grow all our Free Range Chickens in the fields of our farm. We only believe in high welfare farming methods, where our Chickens are free to roam from dawn to dusk. While we know the outdoors is important for a great tasting bird, the indoors is equally as important. All our Free Range Chickens have ample space in their sheds. Because of this our Chickens can spread their wings indoors and outdoors.  We know that the high welfare calm lifestyle of our poultry is evident in the taste of the meat. Our feed for the chickens are Hormone free, steroid free, antibiotic free and we do not add any Brine water, the feed also has no animal byproducts in to bulk them up, therefore our chicken is healthier and way more tasty. 

About Us

Respect comes First

Food For My Journey, based in Honeydew Gauteng, is a family run business.  Two generations slogging it out with the third generation in training, even at age 7, 4 and 4 (twins) they are busy getting their hands dirty…  

For the last 16 years at least I have been on a bit of an Eco trip, save the planet and all that jazz. We have been, for the most part chemical free home, eating as natural as possible.

I have always wanted to ‘save the world’ but never really had an idea of which direction to take. In 2017 we purchased an agricultural holding in Honeydew and slowly inspiration crept in. Fast forward 2020 and it hit me. Being so passionate about feeding my family meat produce free of antibiotics, hormones and other by-products especially now that we have three little humans whose well-being is our main priority. Why not offer the same to everyone else. Taking the hassle out of having to find Free Range produce and delivering it right to your door. Making ‘farm to plate’ accessible to everyone.

One promise I can give is that I have tried and tested meat from many a farmer and have through trial and error found produce that when eaten you know there are NO damaging chemicals entering your body or that of the loved ones you share your table with. Knowing that the animals were treated with the respect that they deserve, fed the diet nature intended and left to grow naturally.

I invite you to please go squiz our shop and see what we have on offer.

Happy Grazing.

Orders and Collections

Please take note of our next Delivery/Collection date.  Orders closes at 8am on the last day of orders as per above.

Please note
as of 1 Sep 2021 there will be no more deliveries .  All Orders can be collected on the Collection
date between 9am and 1pm in Honeydew.