Free Range Chicken – Chicken Thighs +/- 1.2kg @ R70.00 p\kg


If you want premium cut meat but can’t stretch for the premium prices, try our Free Range Chicken Thighs. They’re one of the most economical pieces of the Chicken and are ideal for a weekday supper. Buy it in bulk and you’ve got both healthy and high quality meat.

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Looking for Free Range Chicken Thighs? Plump, Delicia’s and full of Flavor.

Our free range pasture-raised chickens live an outdoor life, they are allowed to grow slowly, ensuring succulent and tasty meat.

Alongside fresh pasture, their diets are supplemented with grain to provide a nutritionally complete and balanced diet, free from antibiotics and GMOs.

Pecking for grubs and worms, keeps them from getting bored and ensures they have enough space to roam.

Brought to us as one day old chicks they are grown for 6 weeks, receiving all the fresh air, exercise and sunshine they want, while remaining totally safe.

Welfare is key for us and we don’t like to rush things. Compare our free range chicken to a supermarket-bought bird and you’ll see just how much more flavor you get with our slow growing chickens.
Ordinarily, free range chickens are kept in static sheds and only a proportion will leave to find pasture. Sometimes these chickens will have to roam across large areas to find any grass at all – unlike the happy, well-fed chickens here at Food For My Journey.